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 It is said that the arms folded is a sign to protect yourself, do not open the vigilance-heart. That person who folded his arms is in the habit will be be alive without opening your heart to people. Many of the people that human relationship does not work properly, because the door is closed mind of their own. By opening the heart itself, the other party is also open the heart. You need to be aware of strong and I do not do that for his arms folded.
[I habit that his arms folded]


 I am filled with magazines and TV programs is crowded of unhappy people in the world. If their unhappy, It is a thing you do not sincerely rejoice the happiness of people easily. But what will not be a thing Because I do not rejoice the happiness of people, myself would not be happy. People who do not rejoice the happiness of the people I would be attractive. Habit that does not rejoice the happiness of people do not improve soon. So, let's start from the habit of "Congratulations". Then, ask them to bless myself become happy.
[I habit that does not rejoice the happiness of the people]


 Person you are talking about is not the back-channel feedback, but they will be received in and has refused. If you do not wear the habit of the back-channel feedback timing at best, it is not noticed good human relations. Those who habit of the back-channel feedback is not attached to the body, please do nod at the timing of the end of story. By repeating, you can get the habit of the other party speak comfortably.
[I habit not to back-channel feedback]


 But the smile that is not the I should laugh. The study of the science of expression, that a genuine smile is to laugh at the whole face, fake smile that run for only part of the face is said. There is a risk of misunderstanding to produce fake smile are said to be rather a fool. However, people do not use the muscles of the face on a regular basis, you may want to laugh at the whole face is turned weak. Let's wearing a habit to laugh at the whole face if you will be the training of facial muscles in my daily life, to laugh.
[I habit of fake laughter]

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