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Real jiggling one's knee What good for the body realy?
Is true. In addition to help to resolve the swelling and cold hands and feet, some hospitals are utilizing the treatment of disease of the hip joint that joint aches. But so be careful with in public in many cases, because it is to be a bad habit.

Habit is the difference from country to country?
Some different. For example, move the "Koikoi" from top to bottom hand with the palms facing downward in Japan when you call the person, but it is such as accidentally transmitted to the meaning to say! "Go away" in foreign countries.

Greeting foreign and Japan is the difference?
Different. It is said to be in to prove to each other by looking at the eyes of the opponent, that you do not have a weapon in the hands of their own origin of the Western greeting. Against the head of his unsuspecting "hold out" by, bowing in Japan, is a gesture that represents the trust and respect for the opponent.

It is I habit of typical Japanese?
There. People crouch down when you're tired is often likely the Japanese. However, be careful because it is taken as an image not very good abroad.

Really even a good thing by the country 's tut-tutting?
Yes. Since the time you feel uncomfortable in Japan, it is not a good thing too, but such use when you praise and excitement in Korea and China, image and how to use the tut-tutting is different from country to country.

Are people of habit that has changed in historical figure?
Yes. The habit of arranging Unplug the nose hair, is there was a transvestite habit to Tokugawa Iemitsu in Natsume Soseki.

Is there a habit to animals?
There. There is a habit burrowing habit, such as crib-biting the dog is a familiar animal, there is a habit fence habit, such as Kekuse the horse is the zodiac in 2014.

For the same reason the habit of biting dogs and cats?
Different. Dog tries to know using the mouth target hand is not dexterity compared to human beings. Cat in the original game animals other hand, you may chew in an attempt to satisfy the instinct.

True and I will be a hard to apologize and in the United States?
There is no such a thing. There was that it means that to apologize is to admit their own, are the claims of hefty long time ago but is now okay to apologize "I'm sorry Law" since it was enacted in the United States.

It true that there is a work habit of the President?
Is true. As president of the United States, would not get a lot of attention from people work. Probably because this reason, the president of the United States, image consultants who will correct the habit is on to give a good impression with people.

The Is it saying the habit?
There. There is a saying "forty Hachikuse there seven habit without" the representative. Proverb about the habit are present in addition to this, I might be interesting to examine if you are interested.

It true that different from the way captured the habit by country?
Is true. It make a sound and Kuchakucha when you eat the thing is done with bad manners in Europe and the United States and Japan, but will be considered as proof that you are eating delicious in Korea and China. How captured the habit it is the difference in culture for each of the countries in this way.
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